Attempting to Breathe and Reboot


This is a line from one of my favorite Sex and the City episodes. Not only is it a brilliant episode in terms of the relationship between Carrie and Miranda, but it also is very fitting in terms of the stress I have been under in my relationships lately. Well…one relationship to be exact.

I have been working my tail off the last couple of weeks, trying to get all my school work done, turn in my final teaching portfolio and take over a fourth grade class for my clinical teacher who went on maternity leave. I haven’t been sleeping much or eating well…I haven’t been eating much at all. On top of all of it, I have been making myself crazy trying to understand a confusing relationship that I’m in.

I have been emotionally closed off to any visitors who made their way across the moat and who were brave enough to knock on the door of my heart. I have been working at healing old hurts since the beginning of the year, but I’m still having a difficult time being vulnerable and learning to trust again. I have been attempting to mend and stitch up my wounded soul – especially with one man.

We are more friends than anything, but I have really come to cherish the time we spend together. I thought for a couple of weeks that it would be best to tell him how I feel, even if it severs what I have worked so hard to build with him. This weekend, I realized that we are better as friends. Not only because of timing and circumstances, but because he is helping me to bridge the cavern I had created. He is the bridge to the future…he is helping me prepare for the man who is still on the way.

I am incredibly grateful to have him in my life. I’m a little scared to even be writing about this, but I’m committed to truth and being present in my life these last couple of months and these blogs are an extension of that as well. It makes these feelings of peace tangible to type them up and post them here.

Will I never feel that pang of desire again when I spend time with him? I don’t know. I think when you find someone you feel such extreme comfort and companionship with, wanting that feels natural. However, I know that he is here to offer me acceptance and caring friendship. That makes me feel lucky and at peace.

I’m learning to trust a man again. I am attempting to breathe and reboot. I might still crash, but at least I’m taking what he has to offer and finally coming to the realization that it is enough right now.

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