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Filling the Well


Inspiration is everywhere.

This is true if we are willing to be observant and listen. Listen to the world around us. Listen to  ourselves. I’ve been outlining a new story that is based on a snippet of conversation I overheard in a hospital waiting room two years ago. I have embellished it and changed most of the elements, but that first nugget of an interesting idea came from eavesdropping.

Right now, I’m finding inspiration in a handful of books that I’m reading as well. I’ve blogged about this before, but reading great writing inspires me to want to write more and write better. I’ve never really been someone who read multiple books at once, but I’m enjoying three different books right now. They are diverse stories and I’m being inspired by them all.

Julia Cameron writes of “Filing the Well”. She believes that writing morning pages, walking and going on artist dates helps to fill the creative well within us that allows us to access ideas and create. I think this is a wonderful way to actively engage in being inspired.

I’m hoping to go to a local music showcase next week and I know that will lead to inspiration as well.

Inspiration is everywhere. We just have to open our eyes and hearts.

Getting Back In That Swing


Up until recently, my guitar sat leaning against my closet door untouched and lonely. This last week, as I sat on my friend’s porch and soaked in his original songs – I felt that stirring in my soul again. I admitted to him that I couldn’t even really play my old tunes anymore because I hadn’t given them any attention in so long.

On Saturday night, I was compelled to take out my guitar, Pearl and get acquainted once again. I played until my fingers hurt too much to continue. It was a good ache and that sting felt like coming home. The tone of the ringing strings was so beautiful and crisp and rich as I played those old songs again. I needed to get inspired again.I needed to feel her in my arms again. I’d missed it.

I’m excited to try writing again and I’m glad to have a friend to play with. We can learn a lot from each other and I think he will push me to be better. Next time we hang out, at least I will be able to play him some of my old memories.

Grammy Sunday


Grammy logo

This is one of my favorite nights of the year!

Bob Dylan with Mumford and Sons and the Avid Brothers all together is making me a very happy camper right now. I should be chipping away at my ever-growing pile of homework, but I just can’t.

I still harbor a small desire to pursue my musical aspirations, but performing with The Romero Troupe or at karaoke generally tempers it. However, every February when I watch the Grammys – I  think about sitting in the audience and sharing the stage with my musical idols while millions of people cheer me on at home.

This isn’t likely to happen, but I dream about it every year as I enjoy the show.

I have been starting to write again. Nothing too amazing to report yet, but it feels good to get some words out again. I have missed it, but The Voice reared its ugly head a couple of years ago after I worked on my first album and succeeded in silencing me for a while. I sing all the time, but I just couldn’t work on my own stuff.  I’m glad to see that this is changing.

I may never grace the Grammy stage, but writing my own music helps me to feel connected and sane.  It’s about time I got into the groove again.

Enjoy the rest of the Grammys!