I write books…

Maybe that’s a little too short 🙂

Let’s try that again and in the third person, like I’m supposed to…

Mary Elizabeth Robinson is a writer, singer-songwriter, artist, photographer and Muppet fanatic who lives in Colorado.  She is a special education teacher in Denver. She thinks that teaching amazing students every day is great inspiration. Mary loves Karaoke, Maraschino cherries and if she could turn into a mermaid and live the rest of her days under the sea, she would do so in an instant. Mary loves to laugh and tries to have a sense of humor about life and all it’s crazy twists and turns!

Mary founded Monkey Beth Media in 2009 after a scary health crisis.  It opened her eyes to the life she wanted and gave her the courage to chase after her dreams and make them a reality. She writes novels, poems and short stories. Her middle grade fantasy novel The Christmas Child was published in October 2009. Mary is currently finishing a young adult paranormal mystery and working on a new science fiction series and a short story project. She is also a Leadership circle member and content writer for The Body Is Not An Apology. She is always pursuing freelance writing opportunities. She tries to do something creative every day because it helps keep her connected to all the beauty of the world around her.

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