Happy Launch Eve


Tomorrow is my first book launch. As I look at those words, I still can’t really believe that it’s happening! I have seriously neglected this blog lately and there was a lot that I wanted to post about. There just haven’t been enough hours in the day. Getting one hell of a nasty virus last week didn’t help much either. However, I will be able to post all about the last minute publishing events in the coming weeks.

I had a cover snag and a glue debacle this week that threatened the launch, but some amazing angels stepped in to help and as of right now, the launch is a go. The binding of the books has been really fun. There was some trial and error, but I’m feeling more confident now and I have a big stack of books to show for it.

I was super emotional today. I was just overwhelmed by it all. My parents ordered a beautiful cake with the book cover on it. They also surprised me with a gorgeous centerpiece of my favorite roses. It hit me that all these years of hard work have actually  paid off and it feels amazing to hold my book and flip through the pages.

I had a bit of a freak out last night because I found a couple of mistakes in the text that I’m embarrassed about. A friend of mine reminded me this morning that most published books have mistakes and that’s what will make these first books more valuable in the future. They will be fixed by the next print run and that will have to do for now.

Today, I walked back through the memories of my journey with The Christmas Child and I’m excited to share it at last. I’m humbled and grateful for all the fabulous and talented people who have stepped in to help with this process and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

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