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Sunday Morning


Good morning.

I am enjoying the extra hour of sleep and a nice cup of french press vanilla hazelnut coffee in my favorite Kermit mug this morning as I write.¬† I haven’t been great about posting on a schedule since I moved, but I am starting to feel more settled and I think all of that will fall back into place again.

This Kermit mug was a Christmas gift last year from my cousin and I love it more than anything. As most of my close friends who read this blog know, I am a Muppet fanatic. I have loved ALL things Muppet since I was an infant. My first Christmas ornaments were Muppet themed. Once, when I was a toddler the Muppet Show was preempted by a football game and I was so inconsolable, my dad called the network to see what could be done to right it.

If I had three wishes and could acquire any Muppet paraphernalia in the world…I would want Kermit’s coffee cup from the Muppet Show set and the beaded microphone headband that Jim wore when he was performing. I know, I will probably never have an opportunity to have either of these priceless items, so this Kermit cup is a nice substitute.

Jim Henson is more than my hero, he is my inspiration and my touchstone of what a creative and imaginative person can accomplish. I still remember where I was when I found out that he had passed away. It was three days before my thirteenth birthday and I was sitting in the car, waiting for my mom at the bank. She came back to the car to find me inconsolable again. I cried all the way home and couldn’t even tell her until we were back inside. I always thought that I would meet him and maybe work with him some day. I was devastated.

This year I am grateful for many things: my new job, a great apartment, the opportunity to teach awesome kids everyday, my health, my family and friends…I could go on. However, I am also very grateful for a new Muppet movie. I am starting to seriously geek out about it. Part of me thinks that I might be getting too excited, therefore lessening my chances of loving it because my expectations will be too high. But, I think that I love the Muppets with such intensity that I will more than likely love it anyway.

Also, Jason Segel wrote it and as I have come to discover this weekend – he may be a bigger Muppet fan than I am. Hard to imagine I know. He has such respect and admiration for the Muppets and Jim, I am pretty confident that he will do it justice. On another note, my mom is convinced that he is my soul mate because of our Muppet love connection. If you’re out there Jason, maybe you would enjoy a trip to Colorado soon…

I also have been busy trying to get geared up for another holiday season of selling my book, The Christmas Child. I have been working through some changes and edits from last year. This time last year I had a computer crash¬† and had to reformat the whole manuscript and barely got it printed before Christmas. This year, I couldn’t find anything but the PDF file and ended up reformatting once again. But a couple of days ago, I did find the elusive file from last year so…long story short – a lot of extra work for nothing.

I have a tendency to do that. Make a mountain out of a molehill, as they say. In my impatience, I sometimes jump prematurely and end up in the weeds. Oh well. At least I can send the file to the printer tomorrow. Now I have to focus on some promotion and try to get some more people to the book.

Every year I have sold more than the year before, so I can’t complain about that either but I would love to have some killer sales this year.

I am working on a book trailer and some fun videos that I will post links to soon.

Enjoy the extra time today to do something you love. I think I’ll enjoy a classic Muppet Movie and get some words on the page.