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There’s Nothing Worse Than Jalapeno Jelly Pants!


I know this is a kooky title, but it does tie into to my post so bear with me –

My parents had planned on going to the mountains to celebrate their thirty-fourth anniversary today but we got about a foot of snow over night and they decided to postpone their trip. I was planning on a quiet night at home with the dog, working on homework and watching the Super Bowl, but now we are all home.

My dad went to the store for some last-minute party snacks so I’ve been enjoying Dr. Pepper, chips and french onion dip and crackers with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. The diet of champions, I know. A couple of minutes ago I accidentally jellied my fleece pants (yes, I’m lounging in pajama pants).

Many years ago my family was at a neighbor’s house for a party and I adamantly avoided the cream cheese and jalapeno jelly. It sounded soooo gross. How could jalapeno jelly be any good? I believe I tried it eventually on a dare and was surprised to find out that it was delicious!

Now what does this have to do with anything, you ask?

I didn’t like history until I was an adult. Like the jelly incident, I was suspicious of anyone who thought history was interesting. How could it be anything but boring? I learned at the age of twenty-seven that history isn’t boring at all. History is full of incredible stories.

I spoke with a writer friend today about a new historical fiction project she is starting and it lit a fire in my heart again. I also enjoyed the return of one of my favorite t.v. shows, Who Do You Think You Are this week. It was so inspiring to watch Vanessa Williams discovered her ancestors and I cried with her as she learned her family history.

The show reminded me that rich, deeply moving stories surround us and live within us. History is sitting back, just waiting for us to be brave enough to find it and see how delicious it really is.  I’m excited for my friend and her new book project. I’m also excited to continue my research for my own historical fiction project.

So although there’s nothing worse than jalapeno jelly pants…it reminded me of being open to trying new things and learning from the past. Here’s to being able to go back in time and find wonderful stories to tell.

Enjoy the game. Go Packers!