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Getting Back In That Swing


Up until recently, my guitar sat leaning against my closet door untouched and lonely. This last week, as I sat on my friend’s porch and soaked in his original songs – I felt that stirring in my soul again. I admitted to him that I couldn’t even really play my old tunes anymore because I hadn’t given them any attention in so long.

On Saturday night, I was compelled to take out my guitar, Pearl and get acquainted once again. I played until my fingers hurt too much to continue. It was a good ache and that sting felt like coming home. The tone of the ringing strings was so beautiful and crisp and rich as I played those old songs again. I needed to get inspired again.I needed to feel her in my arms again. I’d missed it.

I’m excited to try writing again and I’m glad to have a friend to play with. We can learn a lot from each other and I think he will push me to be better. Next time we hang out, at least I will be able to play him some of my old memories.