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New Developments aka God is Forgiven


Lots of stuff happening lately. Two of my favorite people in the world got some great news and that always makes me happy. I also just found out about a new opportunity that could really have the power to change things in my life in such a positive way. I would like the take the time now in blog-mode to officially thank God for not being offended by the cussing when we spoke a couple of weeks ago and for spiritually bailing me out (so to speak) in the last week.

These new development’s will not drastically change my circumstances, but they will offer me a leg-up and the time/flexibility to pursue other things I have been putting aside. That feels good. It is a relief to finally have a break. It gives me a new sense of resolve and motivation as well.

I have been approached a lot lately about what I have learned about self-publishing. I am going to be putting together a group of posts on this very subject – coming soon!

I’m still writing away at The Lost. It is hard to believe I am over half-way done with the novel. I am giving myself a realistic goal of having the first draft in the bag by October. This feels doable and I will likely finish early, but that will be one year. After finishing TCC, I wasn’t sure I could ever do it again, but this novel has been wonderful. I am so in love with this story and I am excited to tell it.

I am expanding my research for the next book and I’m outlining for a new YA series.

Lot’s to do…