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Today has been a day that has felt like taking a long, deep breath. I have been experiencing some extreme stress the last couple of weeks and today was a welcome calm. I slept well, did yoga and wrote on the patio in the sun.

I also signed up for a flash fiction contest. I participated a couple of years ago and scrambled to get the first story submitted in, under the 48 hour deadline.  It needed to be less than 1,000 words, any genre, set in a butcher shop and include the image of a block of ice. I received great feedback and was moved onto the next round. However, the next story elements I received were hard to wrap my brain around. Same word count, but it needed to be set on the roof of a building in the horror genre and the object needed to be a wheel chair.

The only story idea I got was very dark in nature and I was too frightened to attempt to even write it. I bowed out of the contest. Over the past two years I have read articles about earning violence in storytelling and am being led to write much more “adult” content than I am used to. I’m planning on exploring that more in blogs the next few days.

It feels good to be writing again. Better than good. It feels like exhaling and coming home. I know that I feel grounded as a person when I am doing certain things that uplift my spirit. Writing is an important part of that.


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