Traveling Alone


I haven’t been here in a very long time…sorry! I have been busy in teacher land, avoiding my writing blog and my writing in general. Same old stuff, but now I am on summer break and I just enrolled in an awesome writing conference that I am super jazzed about.

I have been sleepy –  really sleepy. I think my body is adjusting to not being on a dead run and I am processing my first year of teaching. It was a lot of work, but very rewarding.

I have recommitted to my Morning Pages and have been writting upon waking all this week. It is a nice brain drain and I know it is a healthy part of my writing life that I am ready to get back in place this summer.

I am also working on myself some more and that has been enlightening and terrifying all at once. It’s giving me lots of fodder for future writing as well.

I have been traveling alone for a while, figuratively and literally. Writers can be lone wolves or singular travelers wandering down a windy road. I definitely fall into this writer stereotype.  I don’t think that traveling alone is a bad thing, but it is another way that I isolate and avoid intimacy. Enrolling in this writing workshop is a step out of my comfort zone, but I believe that reaching out to other writers will be good for me.

As one of my favorite K T Tunstall songs  Heal Over says – Everybody sails alone, but we can travel side by side. This resonates with me right now. I am scared to put myself out there, per usual, but I am excited to be pushed this summer with my writing and personally.

I will also be writing and blogging much more. I am not going to promise anything, because those promises have been empty in the past. However, I am planning to do many healthy things for myself this summer and that includes writing.

Here’s to not having a bed time, being pushed out of my box, and feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Talk soon

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  1. I know how you feel about avoiding writing in general.. But I believe that the morning pages will bring your passion back!

    I find myself avoiding to blog too. At times, even morning pages!

    So don’t promise anything. Just do what you love! We need to enjoy the writing experience too! (:

    Good luck!

    • Hi!
      I know, I’m hoping that the morning pages help ease me back into regular writing. I also enjoy it once I get writing, but I have been so hesitant to write even a sentence these last couple of months. But the morning pages are going well and I worked on revising a short story yesterday…it’s coming back. Good luck to you too!

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