Sh!tty First Drafts


I was searching for something this evening and saw this book sitting on my book shelf. I haven’t read it in a long time and think it might be the right time for revisiting.

I read the essay again about writing shitty first drafts. Anne Lamott says that even the best writers write shitty first drafts. I need a reminder of that sometimes. It is easy to assume that famous writers or successful writers sit down and write brilliant prose that is perfect everyday and all their drafts are ready to publish. It helps to know that we all have to work at it, that first drafts always suck and we’re lucky to pull some useable gems out of the pile of junk. As Anne Lamott advises, shitty first drafts lead to better second drafts and even more awesome third drafts…

I’d love  to write more, but my eyes are too droopy to continue.

Signing off…and no reading under the covers. I promise.


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