Mapping It Out


This is the cover of the notebook I’m currently filling with info and scenes from my wip. I thought it was funny and quite appropriate 🙂

I haven’t started my voice journal yet, because I’ve been too busy. Yes, same old story, right? WRONG!!!

I have been too busy with research and notes and little bits of info about this world, which then led me into even more uncovering like an unraveling sweater. I’m finally making some headway with this story and it’s bliss. Yeah!

I realized that I needed to understand things a bit better before I jumped in. This has been an excuse for procrastination in the past, but this time it really was legit. I’m getting excited again. I love this part and am glad I am finally making it home again where I can dive into this new world.

Part of the issue before was that I didn’t understand what I was working with. I have only written one other book and although it was fantasy and there was another world, per se, I didn’t have to invent too much. The North Pole had existed in my head since I can remember and I took what I’d read in books or seen in movies and kept what I liked, discarded what I didn’t and let my imagination fill in the rest.

This new book, is similar in some respects, but it has taken a bit to get my head around the natural disasters that would reshape the world as we know it and what that meant in how I would go about telling this story. I’m starting to make sense of it and the new world and my story are beginning to take shape.

I’ve been scared that the story is too similar in some ways to another popular YA book and that fear was keeping me from moving forward. I think this weekend I was able to find a way to make it my own. I know that my story is very different and I owe it to myself to write it.

I found an awesome list of world building questions online here. Most of them don’t relate to my story, but I thought it was an awesome resource that I wanted to pass along.

I’m going to start the voice journal today. I read that it works best when written free-form in five to ten minute bursts. I can manage that.

What other character or world building techniques have you used? What works best for you?


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