Writer Divine Intervention


On Monday I went to an author signing/reading with Ann Brashares at the Tattered Cover. It was fabulous! I have been a fan of her’s for quite some time, especially since her adult novels The Last Summer ( of You and Me) and My Name is Memory.  It was fun to hear her speak and get to hear about her process.

Note to self – bring prizes for guests at book signings.

Ann asked trivia questions about her books for treats and I won a box of Strawberry Pop-tarts because I knew what snacks the girls from the Traveling Pants books brought to Gilda’s studio during their first pants ritual.

Here is the famous Pop-tarts! She giggled and apologized because she didn’t mean to buy the low-fat ones 🙂

She was humble, funny, insightful and kind. She talked about her new book Sisterhood Everlasting and her new son. She read the preface from the book and then answered questions from the audience.  I got to ask a question and speak to her about my wip as she signed my book.

I have been struggling with my wip for a while now. I have been having trouble plotting a multiple protagonist storyline. One of the audience members at the signing asked Ann about her writing process and it was very enlightening.

Ann talked about writing the Traveling Pants books and getting to know each girl again as she wrote. She said it was too confusing to write them all at once so she would focus on one girl at a time and write out their entire arc before moving on to another girl’s storyline. Then going back during editing and piecing it all together.

This really opened something up for me. I have had a renewed sense of excitement return to this story. I still have some plot lines to fiddle with, but I think focusing on one character at a time will help see me through this block.

It was a pleasure to meet Ann. It was also good to see examples of how to conduct a successful and engaging reading!


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