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So, I tried the tarot card plan for story writing and although I came up with some really rich characters and an interesting plot, I actually made a lot of extra work for myself when I really wanted an easy and fun way to jump into a story. It was a great exercise, but next time I think I will maybe pull one card and let the story start from that. I ended up pulling 10 cards for a really complicated spread and although it was fun to go through the cards and see the arc unfold – it ended up being too much.

As a YA author, I have been a big fan of Ann Brashares. I loved the Traveling Pants books, My Name is Memory is awesome and the Last Summer of You and Me is one of my favorite books. I found out yesterday that she will be at a local bookstore for a reading/signing at the end of the month. I have wanted to hear her speak for quite some time, so I’m super stoked.

I have been absorbed in some summer reading this week as well. I’m reading the latest Ann Brashares book Sisterhood Everlasting. It is good, but sad and real. Which is fine. I am breezing through it quickly. I also am excited to read The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O’Connor McNees. I have loved the book Little Women since I was young and I am very inspired and fascinated by Louisa May Alcott. I am often upset when someone publishes famous diaries and letters. It feels like such a betrayal of trust. It is interesting to read, I’ll give you that, but I would die to have my diaries and letters published after my death. I love that Louisa was concerned about this as well and burned letters to keep her privacy. It also serves as a rich environment for a love affair that she wanted to hide…Even though it’s an imagining, I am really excited to read it!

I also feel like I’m slowly working through my blocks in the wip that has been giving me trouble. I thought that working through some small unrelated stories would help me get back into it, but I think that might be making it worse. I’m still thinking about the story and the characters all the time, so I think that doing some exercises within the confines of the story would be more helpful.

I’m going to try to do some scene exercises tomorrow. I know that it is the story I want to tell right now and I need to find a way to turn off my sensor and just lay some track. I used to think that revision was the hardest part of being a writer, but right now, the first draft seems to be my nemesis.

Not for long…


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