It All Starts With A Story


I have been trying to find an image for close to an hour now, but I’ve already taken my cough medicine and it’s becoming quite futile…

I have been very ill with asthma and an upper respiratory infection so I haven’t had much energy for anything this week. I did manage to write a scholarship essay today. Tomorrow I need to write a handful of cover letters and apply for teaching jobs. I’ve really been blocked by these letters. I think it’s all the pressure of wanting to land a teaching position soon and all the other people out here trying to get those positions too. I know that I need to rip off the band-aid and just get my applications out there. So…tomorrow is the day.

I also started a new short story this week. I have been working on it in small spurts, but it feels good to be writing something new. It’s the first short story I have written that is semi-autobiographical. It is fiction, but inspired by real people and places in my life. It’s cathartic to write it out and explore reality and fantasy at the same time.

I’m hoping to get more sleep tonight and feel better in the morning to tackle my cover letters and my new story. It should be 73-75 degrees tomorrow and it will be nice to sit outside and get some writing done.


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