Give Yourself Permission


It’s late and I should have been in bed an hour ago, but I needed to post and wanted to get it out before the weekend was over. I have been thinking and pondering why I haven’t been doing too much writing recently. Even though school is kicking my butt and I have a million balls in the air, I could be writing every day and the sad reality is that I haven’t been. I think about writing, my stories, the characters and their stories all day…but nothing is getting onto the paper.

I chatted about it with my writer soul mates this morning and I think it’s cause I’m still trying to fit these new wip into a box that doesn’t fit them. These stories need room to breath and I need room to breath and arm room as I sort through all the intricacies of what these characters want to say.

I have to give myself the permission to write badly and to write whatever needs to be written in order for me to get the stories out into the world in the right way. I need some wiggle room, not a straight jacket. That seems reasonable, doesn’t it.

I am understanding that the way to tell these stories won’t be a straight stretch of highway, but a winding and unpaved road that leads me into uncharted terrain.

I have to surrender to the process…to this new process and get the words down anyway. I have to give myself permission and freedom to sort through all the white noise and find the right notes for the melody in the characters heart. It really isn’t wasted time ( as my wise friends pointed out today). It might actually lead me directly to the best way to tell these stories.


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