Stuck in the Middle With You


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This is a four-day weekend – kind of. I don’t have school with my kiddo’s, but I have class on Monday and Tuesday 😦

It will be nice to have a little extra time to work on things though because things are definitely piling up around here.

On to some writing news…I’m feeling rather stuck again. I’m stuck in the middle of both my wip’s. I think I’m over thinking and that’s making forward motion difficult.  Part of me wants to stop and work backwards. I feel like I need to do some back ground work on the characters and maybe write some scenes that won’t necessarily make it into the book, but will act as a compass for me – the writer.

Or…I might just work on scenes. Out of order. That idea makes me a little nervous. I’ve never worked through a book out of order, but that might be exactly what I need to shake me out of this and get me working again.

This is all dandy, but I have to actually work through this and write! This is key – obviously. The last two weeks I have let my crazy life take over again and my writing momentum has fallen by the wayside. I’m going to work on fixing this today.



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