Grammy Sunday


Grammy logo

This is one of my favorite nights of the year!

Bob Dylan with Mumford and Sons and the Avid Brothers all together is making me a very happy camper right now. I should be chipping away at my ever-growing pile of homework, but I just can’t.

I still harbor a small desire to pursue my musical aspirations, but performing with The Romero Troupe or at karaoke generally tempers it. However, every February when I watch the Grammys – I  think about sitting in the audience and sharing the stage with my musical idols while millions of people cheer me on at home.

This isn’t likely to happen, but I dream about it every year as I enjoy the show.

I have been starting to write again. Nothing too amazing to report yet, but it feels good to get some words out again. I have missed it, but The Voice reared its ugly head a couple of years ago after I worked on my first album and succeeded in silencing me for a while. I sing all the time, but I just couldn’t work on my own stuff.  I’m glad to see that this is changing.

I may never grace the Grammy stage, but writing my own music helps me to feel connected and sane.  It’s about time I got into the groove again.

Enjoy the rest of the Grammys!


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