Getting It


Today I had my first big deal observation of the semester. I was pretty nervous, but hit my stride and felt good when it was over. I ended up being observed by three people because another administrator came in as well. The students were engaged and excited to discover different fractions. I was relieved that it went well and inspired by their progress and increased confidence. Not much feels better than seeing my students “get it”.

I also did the Read Aloud lesson yesterday and today. We were discussing the idea of conflict and reading different stories as evidence of that particular conflict – man vs man, man vs self, man vs nature ect. The last two lessons we’ve been working on dealt with the idea of man vs society, which I figured would be a difficult concept. It was a little tough at first, but after reading and discussing the story, The Memory Coat, I was amazed at the connections my students were making. At the end of the lesson I asked the students to brainstorm examples of other books that would show this same conflict. It was incredible to hear the examples they came up with. This lesson was the epitome of “getting it”!

It made me proud to be a writer. I hope I write books someday that come up in “getting it” conversations at school. I love the opportunity to tell stories that children (and adults) can relate to and make connections with. I think that’s the mark of good art, whether it’s written words or musical notes or brush stokes. It is truly art if it stirs something in the audience, if it makes them feel or remember or connect.

I have to keep putting in my daily dose as a writer and maybe I’ll get my “getting it” moment someday. For now, I’m thrilled to be present in the classroom watching these young souls “get it”.

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