Sayonara, 2010


It’s a cold December evening here in Colorado. It’s odd to have the fireplace going and cold fingers because we’ve had such a warm winter so far. It has been nice to have some snow – although it’s been even nicer that I haven’t had to go anywhere!

I have been through a hurricane of emotions in the last 48 hours and I am ready to send 2010 out and welcome 2011 with a smile. I’m starting a new blog tomorrow and embarking on a new journey home to myself. I’m excited about it but scarred as well, which signifies to me that it is a good idea.

I was sad this morning about spending New Year’s Eve alone, but now I think it’s rather fitting to bring in the new year this way. I will still be posting here – I promise on a more regular basis. I’m planning to post for this blog on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I will still be using this blog to reflect on writing and life. The new blog will focus on this specific new project. I know this is vague, but all will be revealed soon enough.

Here’s to a new beginning, new adventures and a wonderful new decade.

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