Gobble, Gobble and Gratitude


Happy Thanksgiving, Blogsville!

I saw this image and thought it would be appropriate. I have to admit, in the week leading up to Thanksgiving I had been feeling less than grateful. My family has been through some hard times lately and I have had a tough time seeing the glass half full. Pity Party for one please.

That changed yesterday when I was reminded that even though I’ve hit a rough patch with my family, we (I) have soooo much to be thankful for. At the moment, I’m grateful to be in a warm home with people I love. Later we will have a feast, where others this year, will have little or nothing. I’m grateful that my family will be here with me to enjoy said feast, instead of being displaced around the world like so many other families this year. None of my immediate family are in the military and I know that thousands of families will celebrate without their loved ones this year.

I’m grateful for amazing friends and a black Lab who loves me and is excited to see me every day. I’m grateful for the gaggle of preschool girls who told me how beautiful I was this week. I’m grateful for hot coffee. I’m extremely grateful for my late  grandma Dorothy, who made the world’s most amazing pies every year. Last night I got a small taste of how difficult pie-making is and I don’t think I ever appreciated how much work went into her perfect pies every year during the holidays.

I’m looking forward to a pajama day with my family and maybe a movie outing later tonight. This Thanksgiving  I plan to hug my loved ones, tell my friends how grateful I am to have their love, stuff myself with great food and be grateful for what I do have, not focusing on what I don’t.

Gobble, gobble!


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