Waiting for a Sandwich!


I haven’t written anything for this blog in such a long time! Between an internship wayyyy far from my house every week, new classes and a computer/internet meltdown, I haven’t had much time for you, WordPress.

I’m visiting one of my best friends in California for her bachelorette party weekend and it’s been wonderful to get to hang out and catch up. I haven’t seen her in person in over a year. Although we’re good about calling and emailing often, it’s a sad substitute for the real deal.

Today we had a beauty day and I had my first official pedicure. It was nicer than I thought it was going to be. We also decided to head to the Getty Center to have a picnic in the gardens. While we waited FOREVER for a sandwich at the Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, I kept myself busy by observing my surroundings, taking it all in  as usual. I was trying to decide if I should ask for any Quinoa salad or skip it cause we had been waiting a million years and the Getty Center would close before we even got there, when a man who looked like Javier Bardem came up to the counter to get some salad. If the man behind the counter recognized him, he played it cool. I thought maybe it just looked like him, but when I heard him speak, I knew it was true.

He took his salad and politely thanked the deli man. When we left, I told Jamie and she hadn’t even noticed him. She was mad that she was clouded by a bad mood from waiting in line so long for a sandwich. She said, “I wonder how many other famous people I’ve missed because I haven’t been paying attention.”

It reminded me of one of the essential qualities of a good writer. You always have to have your special spy glasses on. You always need to be observing, taking it all in, even when your waiting for a sandwich. You never know when you’ll witness something miraculous or unexpected.  You never know when you’ll hear or see something that is a story just waiting to be written.

Seeing Javier was interesting and unexpected…something beautiful amidst the mundane, almost like a mirage. Seeing him was a reminder to always pay attention. If you get too wrapped up in the yuck, you’ll never know what you’re missing. Getting grumpy waiting in line for a sandwich is no reason to keep your head down, staring begrudgingly at the cool meat and veggies under the glass. You’ve got to look up and see what the rest of the store has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised!


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