Deciding to Matter


Right after I wrote last night’s post, I settled in to read a new book before I went to sleep called Coaching the Artist Within. Eric Maisel has written many awesome books including Fearless Creating and the Creativity Book. This particular book couldn’t have come into my hands at a better time. In the first chapter of Coaching the Artist Within he talks about the importance of deciding to matter. I realize this may seem like an obvious step (ha ha) but it is an absolutely essential first step.  Eric Maisel says your ability to create is intimately connected to your intention to matter. I completely agree. In my life it needs to go even further – my intention to matter affects my ability to do anything.

I have been working through many issues in the last months and it is no surprise that this book found me at this time. I’m entering a new phase of inquiry in all areas of my life and deciding to matter is the bedrock of all of this inner work. I struggle with finding time for my art in the busy life I lead. Not to mention the obligation and responsibility I feel to the people in my life and their needs. But it all comes back to deciding to matter. I’m excited to work through these creativity issues and self-esteem issues through this book and through my own commitment to writing.

Today has been another difficult day, but not for the same reasons. I hope that deciding to matter will also lead me to a better place with my mom. I know without a doubt she loves me the best she knows how, but I still get hurt feelings. I know I will probably have to work at protecting my heart and co-existing within this relationship for our whole  lives, but deciding to matter is a step in the right direction.

Eric Maisel works as a creativity coach and leads workshops for others to learn this art of coaching. I would love to eventually do this too. I need to focus on myself right now, but I think this could be leading me in an important direction on my life path on so many levels.  Decide to matter, this instant and see what happens…


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