New Website!


I have turned a blind eye to my ever increasing pile of homework and spent a couple of hours on my new website. I put TCC in the online store and updated a couple of pages. The website has been lurking in the background for months and I feel really good that I got so much done today.

I have a week and a half left of my special education law class. If I make it out alive it will be a huge miracle! Luckily, I’ve had a wonderful partner in crime who has kept me from losing my mind in the process. Thank you, Teresa!

My mom had major back surgery a week ago and she’s doing okay. Not great yet, but okay. Her best friend came out from North Carolina to help and it’s been awesome to see her again. I haven’t seen her in years, so I have really enjoyed basking in her warm light and laughter the past two days.

I have been so tired today. I’m heading to bed. Goodnight!


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