God Bless Us, Everyone


Merry Christmas!

This was a wonderful holiday. Very unorthodox in how it all unfolded, but beautiful nonetheless. I got to spend some time with my family, laughing and enjoying great food. My brother had to work through the holiday and that felt very strange. However, he came by after work both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and it was great to have him home. I think he appreciated the time spent with us in a new way this year too.

I was surprised with truly amazing gifts, unique and lovely reminders of images, words and symbols that have become a definitive part of my character this year. How nice it was to have that reflected back to me!

This week is the calm before the storm, so to speak. In January, I will be entering into a whole new life and I’m hesitant and nervous to step from one page of my life story to the next. I know in my heart that this change is necessary and good, yet I’m petrified to step forward. I will move forward and I will move soon, but this coming week is a time for me to think, reflect and build up my courage.

I know that I’ve been through worse and I know that my life will be better on the other side of this dark night of the soul.

Today, I am thankful that my blessings this year outweighed my obstacles.

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