Snow Dogs and Hot Tea


I’m starting snow day two with a steaming cup of hot tea and sourdough toast. I stayed at my mom and dad’s and got snowed in with them. Their black lab, Lilly is thoroughly enjoying all the snow. The drifts are almost as big as she is, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit!

I was planning on working at the bookstore today, but it’s still too bad. I’ll work on web stuff at home and help my mom bake oatmeal cookies. And I need to work on outlining for nanowrimo. I decided what I’m going to do, but I want to do some character sketches and an outline before I start writing on Sunday. I’m on the fence about POV for this story. I envision it as a series and I was heading in the multiple POV direction, but now I’m not so sure. I love the immediacy and intimacy of multiple POV’s, but I don’t want to lose the reader either. Third person omni might be a better option. I’m not sure.

50,000 words in a month feels crazy, but it is really helpful for me to get that first draft out fast. It helps my internal editor to have a deadline to work with too. I’ve tried Nanowrimo twice and didn’t finish, but it’s never a loss. I still had almost 25,000 into a new story.

Actually time

For breakfast today

Eggs and hot tea, yum!

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