Jazz Hands and Miracles


Last night Monkey Beth Media purchased it’s first ISBN number and Bar code!!!!!!

I am now performing the self-publishing ISBN dance complete with jazz hands. Someday I will have to vlog this so you can see how silly I really am. I also designed my logo and will be posting it this weekend.

Every day, it feels like the Universe sets another miracle in my lap with this book. I have been open to guidance and I certainly can see where angels have swooped down and taken care of me and my new publishing venture. Whether it be guidance, research, design, copy-editing – you name it. I am so grateful for all of the help I have received. It makes this process feel so satisfying!

October will be here before I know it and everyday my excitement grows!

I received my first piece of mail at my snazzy PO Box today. It was a note from myself, but what does that matter 🙂

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting images and excerpts from the story. Also, I will be posting articles on my adventures in self publishing at my other blog http://www.monkeybethmonkeybusiness.blogspot.com.


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