Binding Press


I am making a binding press with my dad this weekend. He is an engineer and loves these kind of projects. I’m excited to get it together and try it out next week. Every day this week has been filled with self publishing adventures.

I’m holding off on a web site for the time being. Since I’m footing the bill for everything, I would rather spend the money on books. This handy blog can do most of the web site tricks any way.

I feel this urgency running through my veins. I know it’s because of multiple factors, but it’s cool to have so much to do!

I will be starting a new thread of posts this week entitled, “Self Pub Adventures”. These post’s will feature the handy knowledge I have acquired through this process. I want to be as helpful as I can to other DIY folks out there.

Once the binding press is ready to go, I’ll vlog about it and post it here as well.

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