Cool Breeze


Wednesday marked a better turn of events, which was so nice. It’s like a cool breeze to have things falling into place. I haven’t felt such an ease in stress for months.
Change used to make me crazy, but this time around I needed it and I am looking forward to this new burst of positive energy in so many areas of my life.

The writing is going well. I’m over half way done with a last minute edit of TCC, before I send it off to a copy-editor. Sometimes it’s odd to re-read scenes that I don’t remember writing and laughing out loud or feeling my throat catch. I’m excited to finally present it to the world in a couple of months.

The Lost is also going well. The time line of this novel is so much shorter than TCC. I like how tight this first draft is. It rambles on in some spots and I’m sure it reeks of first draft, but I know I will have less road to travel with this manuscript.
That feels like growth!

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