Tough Week


It’s been a tough week and it’s only Wednesday! I think things are resolving, but still strained at work since I put in my notice on Monday. It makes me sad, but hopefully things will take a more positive spin by August 17th, when I leave.

I’m not someone who will put her head in the sand or be passive aggressive about my feelings. I like things out in the open, but confrontation’s still make my pulse race and not in a good way.

I also hate disappointing people. In some situations it’s unavoidable, but I still hate it. I prayed for the best resolution and this is what I was given, so I have to believe that I’m being led down the right path. Even if some people have hurt feelings because of it.

You can spend your life trying to please everyone or you can make conscious decisions to move your life forward and hope that people support you, but find a way to brush it off if they don’t.

I know that my time was not wasted the last year and a half. This was an important stop on my journey, but now it’s time to get back on the road.


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