It’s really been nice to re-read TCC. I have enjoyed going through it again. I’m not cutting large portions, but I am definitely trimming everything down. I guess that’s the balance of editing once you have finished a book. You over write to fill in the holes. Then you have to trim again to make it as sharp as possible.

It will be so strange when I’m no longer working on this book in a writing/editing sense. I will still be working on it in terms of promotion, marketing and sales but that will be a new hat!

I have been juggling the editing/rewrites of TCC and the first draft of my YA book, The Lost. The voices are so different. It’s interesting to vacillate between two very strong characters who take up space in my head/heart.

In August I will begin teaching as a sub. I’m looking forward to getting into a classroom and finding all sorts of inspiration with different age groups.

Back to writing…


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