The reason I never get around to putting up pictures on this blog is that I never post from my laptop – will have to change this habit.

TCC will be sent to a new copy-editor the beginning of August. Everything had to be pushed back a month which is turning out to be a good thing for a couple of reasons.
A) Money – no money to pay for such service in July
B) TCC has marinated long enough that I can look at it with fresh eyes and do some more editing on my own before it goes out.

I have recently been approached by a lot of people about self-publishing. This has been interesting and it has prompted me to re-think some of the blogging I have been doing lately.

I will blog more about the actual process and what I found in my own research. I will be posting them on this blog and my personal blog.

After TCC has been edited, I will be posting excerpts here and on Scribd as well.


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