Working on Sat – Yeah!!!


It was soooo difficult to get up this morning, because I couldn’t sleep last night. I kept waking up for no reason. Unfortunately, the best rest I got was right before the alarm went off. I grumbled off to work and now, with two cups of coffee already buzzing through me – I am slowly turning into a human again.

Saturdays are ten hour days for me – but so far it has been pretty quiet. I have been working on revisions (shocking, I know!) and they are going really well. I think I will be done this week. I will be spending some time with the woman who is illustrating this weekend so I am excited to discuss her plans.

I just finished re-reading the first Harry Potter book. I hadn’t read it in a couple of years and I am still so blown away by it. I have been in HP mode after Chicago and with the movie coming out soon. It is hard to imagine what we did without Hogwarts and all that.

I am sure there are oodles of writers out there who feel this way, but I feel like I owe TCC to J.K. Rowling. I had all but given up on writing for children, writing in general until I read this book. Her imagination and genius really got my wheels turning. I hope some day I get to thank her in a more meaningful manner, but this will have to do for now!

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