I am home from Chicago – sob sob

I can’t believe this time last week I was sitting on Lisa’s beautiful porch soaking in the sunshine. I liked Chicago so much more than I expected to. I felt really comfortable and the architecture blew my mind, I will have to go back and visit again as soon as possible.

The Harry Potter exhibition, was brilliant! I loved it so much, there really aren’t any words to describe how cool it was. Getting sorted and seeing all the wands – so cool. Sam and I were in full out HP geek mode, we both bowed to Buckbeak at the same time, she is definitely a kindred spirit. Sitting in Hagrid’s chair was uber-awesome. I could have crawled up into a ball and stayed there forever…it smelled so good, like Hagrid, I assume.

We also went to the Art Institute and saw every neighborhood, Lisa and John were amazing hosts. I had char dogs, magnificent pizza and the best birthday cake ever from Taste of Heaven bakery. We had great chats and lots of wonderful laughing spells when I thought I would never breath again.

Saying goodbye again was awful. Five days is just never enough time. Whenever the three of us gather I am completely at peace. It is a beautiful thing. We found some time to go through manuscripts and that is always great too! There is such a level of trust and they read my words with so much love – TCC is so much better because of their insightful comments and observations.

I have some new revisions to work on, and hopefully I can get it off to the copy editor soon. I am still shooting for a launch in October.


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