I am on a writing high and my soul is buzzing! I had such a wonderful writing day today. I injected this new high energy scene that is full of suspense and danger – I love it.

I am just beginning with Chapter Five revisions, which used to be Chapter Three. I think these new chapter breaks make more sense and I am so jazzed to work on these revisions… all I want to do is write.

It cracks me up that I used to be so petrified of revisions. I would finish a draft and just freeze. I would be overcome with fear and sit on the project for months, years even.

Now, I have realized the power of revisions and I am so excited to work out these new plot twists and flesh out all these shiny details. The book is already so much better. I was already proud of it, but this work is making all the difference.

I know it is scary to put your creative baby in someone’s hands, but a community of trusted readers is crucial to the story evolving into the best thing it could possibly be. I am so lucky to have people like Sam, Lisa and Em to ask the right questions to get me back into action. Revision rules!

I need to send the ms to my friends this coming Tuesday, so they can have a chance to read it before we meet in Chicago on the 15th. I didn’t think I was going to pull it off, but now with my fingers buzzing I might be able to get it all done.

Wish me luck –


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