Exactly one month since my last post. I am sorry I have been M.I.A., but there hasn’t been much TCC action to report. I sent copies of the manuscript to my trusted readers and I let it sleep while I waited for their feedback.

I have only received notes from one reader, but her questions and feedback were so spot on, it got my creative wheels a’ spinning again!

It is so funny because I was thinking to myself a couple of days before I got her notes that I didn’t know if there was any more tweaking to do, but, alas there is always tweaking to be done. It is so hard for me to be objective with the story because I am too close, I already know all the answers to the puzzle. It is a wonderful gift to have a trustworthy community of readers to ask all the right questions and see the things that I miss.

Writing is an introverted and isolated activity, but I have become a better writer since I learned how to find and trust the right people with my creative children. Their feedback is invaluable to the process of writing a novel and making it sing.

The revisions are going well. I am having a long weekend/writer’s retreat in Chicago in two weeks and the goal is to get it done before we meet. The guts of the story are the same, but these changes are making the world more vivid. The player’s have even greater depth and the stakes are higher – I am really enjoying my time in the North Pole!


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