Breaking Dawn


Well I am three books into my Twilight obsession. I don’t know if I really needed an escape or what, but I have thrown myself into these books. I really enjoyed New Moon and Eclipse…not so sure about Breaking Dawn, yet.

I am glad I know the whole story, but sad that it will be over. It so amazing to me that we can read a book in a couple of days that some one slaved over for years, it doesn’t seem fair somehow.

I am letting The Christmas Child sit for a bit while I wait for comments and I have been working a lot on The Lost. I am really pleased with where the story is going. Last night, quite unexpectedly, I had a major plot twist. I love when the characters take over. It wasn’t a mutiny – my protagonist is not a Somali pirate, than goodness. I am more than willing to switch course, but it always takes me by surprise. As my brain starts to catch up, I realize that this is a much better twist to the story and I am excited to follow where it leads.

It seems strange to try to put into words (I also probably sound a bit crazy!) but it’s like I know the skeleton of the story but the characters help me to flesh it out. I am about at the half way mark with the story. I had planned to finish it by my trip to Chicago in May, but we will see.

I think I am getting sick, which blows. My throat hurts and I am achy – I am flooding my system with vitamin C. I should try to get some extra rest too.


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