Serendipitous Week


I got my car back early this morning and it felt so familiar and wonderful. I will definitely be parking in my parent’s driveway from now on. No more accidents please!

Colorado had an extremely dry winter and now that it is officially spring, the snow has arrived. Go figure. We got a little over a foot of snow last week and we are scheduled to get at least that much by tomorrow morning. I am a bit annoyed because I have a big project at my condo that I was planning on finishing tonight and tomorrow, but I am house sitting for my parents and therefore can not be snowed in at my condo.

On the good side of the crappy weather, if I am snowed in at my parent’s house, I can get a lot of writing done…and my laundry (which is probably much more important at this point)

I experienced a ton of serendipitous events this week with the YA novel I am working on. Up until this week I had no idea where to place the setting of the story. It was kinda floating in this imaginary town in my head. I knew it needed to be surrounded by lush, deep, beautiful forests and there needed to be an Indian reservation nearby. I did some research at the beginning of the week and found some interesting things about Tennessee. Within 48 hours every hole in my story was filled with amazing clarity. Even a very important plot element on coerced adoptions in the 1950’s was resolved with placing the story in eastern Tennessee. I just love when this happens.

These goose-bump inducing serendipitous events seem to push all my stories out of my head and onto the page. The pieces of the puzzle fit now, I love it!

I also watched Twilight last Sunday with my brother and I enjoyed it. Brian really liked it, which kinda took me by surprise. I figured I had stalled long enough so I finally starting reading the series this week. I cheated a little by watching the movie first, but at this point I can see both sides of the Twilight debate. I see why so many people are crazy about Edward, he is rather dreamy, even for a vampire. That said, Bella does get on my nerves sometimes. I have been so focused on my own writing and the best possible sentence structure and word choice in the last couple of months with my most recent revisions, that sometimes the writing bothers me as well. I will read a sentence and think, “That could have been executed better.” But I am sure I will re-read my books in years down the line and think the same thing about my own work, that is just the nature of writing. Either way, I like the story and I am curious to see what happens in the rest of the books.


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