Cover Blues


I hit a wall this week with the cover design. I know what I want, alas, I do not have the skills or software to design it on my own. I have Photoshop Elements and I thought that I could do a lot more with it. Maybe I am just a Photoshop moron. Either way I am frustrated. I know that the cover is crucial, because you have 20 seconds or so to hook the reader when they pick up the book or find you on the web.

It is a sad state of affairs, that we can dismiss someones heart and soul so easily, but we all do it everyday. I caught myself doing it at the movies a couple of weeks ago with my family. Before the feature, you are hit with 6 or 7 new movie trailers and in the span of a couple minutes you (the watcher) decide whether it is worth seeing or not. Then you whisper your decision to the person next to you. Maybe you’ll change your mind when the movie is actually released, but I bet you stick with your first impression.

So it goes with the book cover as well. I write for younger audiences and I probably have even less time to get their attention. ARRGG!!

I am freaking out a little too early, I still have plenty of time to figure this out but this feels like the first real hurdle in this process. I knew, realistically, there would be challenges and now my perfectionist is rising up again and making me feel dumb for not being able to do it on my own.

I am trying to focus on another project while my drafts are out with my trusted readers, but this cover snafu has me in knots. Not much I can do about it for the time being, so time to breath and move on.


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