Editing Inspiration


I have been a bad editor/writer the last two weeks. Lots of stress at work and with my family, I have an aunt who is in intensive care and I had been very neglectful to my little story. On Tuesday I had a sudden burst of inspiration and it felt wonderful to get so much accomplished with the editing.

My dear friend Sam told me that she sent a special blend of east coast inspritino’s to my aid on Tuesday and they definitely did the trick. It is so dumb to get stuck in a rut with the real world and abandon my work because I ultimately feel worse. If I am working consistently, even if the world is falling apart around me, I still feel like I’m doing my part. When am I going to learn this lesson?

As it stands I am editing a chapter a day and that feels like a good pace at the moment. I am also adding new elements here and there – the whole text is becoming richer.

I have a handful of people waiting to read this latest incantation, so I have a lot of work to do.
Back to editing…


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