About Me – The real scoop


I love everything creative. I love to laugh and am generally acting like a big ole fool. I am a big kid and I marvel at the wonder around me all day long. But I can also take life too seriously sometimes and I hold myself to ridiculously unattainable standards, even though I know for certain that this aspect of my personality is obnoxious.

I love to daydream and live in my head most of the time. That said, my heart and emotions tend to rule – so I feel like two people living in one skin every day. I am like the sun and the moon, a reclusive writer and a rock star – you wouldn’t think it would all work within the confines of one person, but some how it does and I am beginning to think it is a blessing not a curse.

I manage an independent bookstore and I work as an academic coach for kids with learning differences.

My first book, a middle grade fantasy called “The Christmas Child” will be published in October 2009. I am working on my second novel, a young adult paranormal mystery called “The Lost”. I am also doing research for my third book, a middle grade historical fiction novel. I am tired just writing all of that down, but as they say – there is no rest for the wicked.

I perform with a local theatre group called The Romero Troupe and I am incredibly proud of the work we do together. My Romero’s are mighty historians, humanitarians and all around great human being’s. Every moment spent with them on/off stage is a joy.

Writing, in any form, keeps me sane and surprisingly enough, blogging is really good for me – like an electronic time capsule for my soul. It is a wonderful release to get all this out, so thanks, by the way for listening.

Take that blogger.com (if you are confused see the note under about me) 🙂


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