Art Direction and Illustrations


Things are going well on TCC front. I am still editing like mad with a goal of having this first swipe finished by March 1st – so far so good. I met with a wonderful friend of a friend last week for coffee. Her name is Sharon and she is the great graphic artist and art director I will be working with. We really hit it off and discussed my project and favorite books for hours, it was fabulous and I am so thrilled to be working with her. She will be helping with the cover and layout of the book.

I am also meeting with a friend this weekend who will be helping with some illustrations. Every thing is coming together so well. It is hard to believe that soon this story will be something tangible. I have held it in my heart for so long, it will be amazing to actually brush my fingers across the cover and smell the pages.

Sometimes I get so down on myself for not sticking to my grid with writing. I have been re-reading “Eat, Pray, Love” and yesterday I paid a visit to Elizabeth Gilbert’s website. She has some thoughts on writing posted and it was so nice to read what she had to say on the matter. She basically said we all fail to live up to our own standards and as long as you are writing, you are doing your job. I needed to hear that this week –

well, no time to chat, back to work!


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