Hello 2009 – I’m a little late but it is still January!


Oh blog, I’ve missed you! The end of 2008 was not so nice for me. I got the upper respiratory infection that was going around a couple days before Christmas and my asthma quickly kicked into high gear. I was not doing too bad until the Saturday after Christmas, but then things started to spiral downward. I was admitted to the hospital on 12/28/08 for extreme dehydration and asthma and got to spend four fun filled days there. They released me on New Years Eve, but my lungs were still only functioning at 62% and it has been slow moving. This week I am doing better, however I am still only functioning at 85% and doing nebulizer treatments every four hours.

It was really scary, in hind sight I could have died very easily. I have had asthma since I was 15 and it has never been this bad. The silver lining is that I got a lot of time to think and I got some good books read! That is why there has been no word from me in so long.

I have big plans for 2009 and none of it involves hospitals, car accidents or fraudulent checks! Are you listening Universe? Good! I will be taking better care of myself this year and respecting my sacred self better. I have also decided to self publish my middle grade fiction novel, “The Christmas Child”. I feel very led to do this and with the upside down state of the current publishing industry, I think it is a wise choice for me. It is a risk, but it feels like the right risk for me at this time. I started a new blog about the book where I will be documenting my self publishing adventures at http://monkeybethmediatcc.blogspot.com. I am also starting my own publishing/media venture called Monkey Beth Media. It feels good to take so many steps forward this year and it also feels good to be the one behind the reins.


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