The Artful Edit


My lovely friend Sam gave me a wonderful book for Christmas called “The Artful Edit”. This is a book that in such a small amount of time, already looks like it has been through the war. It is a great user friendly reference. I don’t consider myself an “editor” type – it seems that I miss everything that I should be able to spot. This is one the big reasons why revising scared me for so many years. “The Artful Edit” is a well stocked tool box that even editor-phoebes can use without all the usual anxiety. Just splitting the work into the two sections listed ( Macro and Micro edits) has helped me demystify the self editing process so much.

This book has helped me gain focus and isolate specific areas in the manuscript that need my attention. One of the suggestions is too leave the manuscript for a while and then we you come back you will be able to see it with “new” eyes. I ended up doing this inadvertently because I was deathly ill right after Christmas and was too sick to do much of anything!

I am definitely seeing the ms with new eyes and my micro edits have been going very well. I am focusing on passive language and “slouchy” sentences this go around and I am happy to report that I am half way though as of last night.

Making the decision to self publish has lit a fire under me and I am so committed to making this the best book possible. Every step of this process, so far has been exhilarating. I have a long road ahead of me, but just the simple act of making a decision and acting upon it has brought magic back to my heart. Rejection is so hard and in any pursuit of the arts, you need to find a way to grow a thick skin. But doing this on my own (with the support of other artists, friends and family) has awakened that part of my soul that wanted to write in the first place. I feel that aching desire to share a story and that is exactly what I am going to do!


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