The Begining


It all has to start somewhere…

The Christmas Child started back when I was a fifth grader at Westridge Elementary School in Littleton, Co, Mrs. Herald’s class. I wanted to write a story about Christmas and I wrote about 100 pages and I got stuck – stuck in many ways. I allowed a teacher’s comment about my writing to stifle my creativity and silence my writing voice. Eventually, as I got older, I became a closet writer. Mainly poems and journals, but it wasn’t until I survived almost going blind when I was nineteen that I started to really want to write again.

My family was moving and I had to go through old things one day when I found a box of treasures from my elementary school days. Down in the bottom of the box was my original manuscript of what would become The Christmas Child. I stopped what I was doing and sat down to read it, realizing that it was a good idea for a story and I decided that day to try writing it again.

I started to write, in little spurts over the years and finally worked my way through the first draft. I grew up a lot, starting working full time, finally finished my bachelor degree and all the while I kept plugging away at my little Christmas Story. After graduating from college, I took some of my graduation funds to go to the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator’s Winter Conference in February of 2008. It was life changing in the feedback I received from other writer’s, agent’s, and editor’s. I also met my writing soul mates at that conference and my life and writing have changed enormously because of it.

I spent 2008 revising and submitting to agents and editors.So why did I decide to self-publish? The publishing industry is changing and I want to be a part of that. I could wait for all the smoke to clear or I can take the risk myself – knowing that there is an audience out there for my story. I chose the latter.

The Christmas Child is about belief – especially belief in oneself and the miracles that ensue once that belief is in place. I will be blogging here about my writing process and checking in with my progress through the self-publishing experience. Eventually I will be posting excerpts and illustrations as well.

Thanks for visiting and following along this adventure…


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