Get me through December…


Tonight is the last night of my night job! Hurray! There should be a parade, but I will settle for a Romero holiday party tomorrow night instead of grading essay’s.
It certainly has helped a little with the bill situation, but it has been hard on my nerves. I think if I was working 15 hours a day doing something I loved, it would have a little easier.

I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner…this year went by so fast! I have grown a lot this year. 2008 was very bi-polar for me. I made some huge strides in my creative life, but experienced one of the hardest years in terms of my personal life.

It was my Saturn return this year and boy did it kick my butt! I was warned that Saturn was a course corrector, if you were not on the right path it would destroy everything in it’s path and you will have to re-build. In a way, I think that was really accurate – Saturn definitely shook up my life and spit me out the other side, but I am on a path now that resonates with my soul purpose. Saturn did it’s job and I managed to survive the storm.

I have had one of the worst financial years in my life and I am having a really hard time this Christmas swallowing the fact that I don’t have enough money for presents. I hate it! One the greatest joys for me is giving…it helps that a lot of the people in my life can’t do as much this Christmas either, but I am sad that I don’t have more to give. I can give my love and friendship (which is what I always give each year anyway) it is just packaged a little differently this year. It won’t be anything tangible that’s wrapped, but that is okay. My finances will swing around again and I will be able to give bigger presents next year.

I am also excited for 2009. I feel like good things are on the way. I don’t know if I am going to write any official resolutions because I think they trip me up in the end, but I am going to continue to commit 100% to my art, get at least one more book finished, attempt to get some photo’s in a gallery, and continue to be myself. I know that last bit might seem silly, but it can be a struggle some days – I don’t fit in a box or a circle, I am a unique undefined shape and that is finally becoming okay!


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