I have been MIA lately due mainly to the ridonkulousness (my favorite non word slang, not sure if that is best spelling!) of working three jobs – totaling 15 hour days and not much time for anything else. I have officially had an emotionally break down the last three Friday’s that were so spectacular they would have made a toddler proud. My poor family still is inviting me to Thanksgiving – I’m not quite sure why.

There is so much to write about, but I will make this post brief and catch up on stuff periodically through the rest of the week, since I have some time off for the holiday.

I think Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. It gets kind of brushed aside for the bigger more commercial Christmas, but I love it. I enjoy the time with my family and we have had to make up some new traditions the last couple of years after my Grandmothers have passed. We used to have very chaotic holidays and as much as I miss my family who have passed on, I really enjoy these laid back holidays as well. I think we will be enjoying a wonderful meal and going to see “Australia”. I will probably be in my pajamas most of the day and I can’t wait.

With that happy Thanksgiving early. I am grateful for all the wonderful people in my life – new and old and for a new chance for our beautiful country…


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