Case of the Monday’s


It is finally a fall day here. It is sunny and breezy, it shouldn’t be over 70 degrees today and I wish I was outside in it! Still no pictures posted, I will get them loaded this week.

The owner of my bookstore’s partner had a major medical emergency last week and it really shook me up. It could have been so much worse, he definitely had his angels with him. The Dr’s still don’t have any answers though and we are still a bit on edge.

Like most Americans, I am struggling financially. I have always believed that I will have what I need, but that hasn’t been the case the last couple of months. It is pretty clear that I am not the only passenger in this boat. I left corporate America to finish my degree and I have a wonderful job that I love, but it doesn’t pay my bills. I already work part time as an academic coach, but even that income isn’t enough right now. I have been looking/applying for more part time work for months, but so many people are looking right now and I only have so many workable hours in a day.

I know that I will make it through, I have faith that something will open up, yet I am scared. It has been affecting my sleep and my writing. I know I was put on this planet to do certain things, but who knows when I will bring home a paycheck for those gifts. I can’t rely on those dreams to pay my mortgage.

Something good is coming…I just have to believe even if my intuition is the only proof I have


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