Fall is magic


It’s fall. It has still been kind of hot in Colorado, but it is fall nonetheless. The light is just different and I feel better this time of year. Basking in the light, there is always a slight, cool breeze and I feel at one with the universe. Like someone is on my side. Fall contains my magic. Fall is a time for endings, but I think I love it so much because it always has signaled a beginning for me or of things to come – just over the horizon.

I feel it in my bones…good things are coming!

I mailed my entire manuscript to an editor this past Monday and I was standing at the desk in the post office feeling a bit on the surreal side, that my baby was on it’s way out into the world. I was going to send it priority, but all of a sudden the clerk asked if it was a book. I almost panicked and thought it was going to be more expensive. Then I realized it could fall under parcel post. I said, “Well, yes it is a manuscript.” A guy behind me in line said, “A manuscript is a potential book.” The clerk said, “It sounds like a book to me.” It was the first time I have ever really felt like a author. I think it was a good omen.

I feel change in the air with the coming elections, this mess with the financial balance of our world, change even in my own mind and body.

My dad had his foot fused three weeks ago and I have been helping out. One of my main duties is walking our black lab Lilly. It has been so good for me to get into my body again. I have a tendency to live in my head and walking and swimming get me back into my limbs. I need to keep this up.

I wrote a song a number of years ago about the fall, here is part of the chorus

The trees are colors you can’t find on any painter’s palette
The light is like nothing I have ever seen
Each year I feel it’s beauty deeper and deeper
These images are only found in dreams

Every time the Autumn comes
I seem to shed my skin
The old year’s buildup, like the leaves
Are falling, cascading down
So part of me can die and begin again

I’m headed up to the mountains tomorrow night to try to catch the leaves before they are all gone. Why can’t fall last forever? Maybe we wouldn’t appreciate it as much if it did!


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  1. Ah, Mary! Yes! Fall is magic indeed! Have you ever read, Robert Frost’s “Nothing Gold Can Stay”?

    I LOVE what happened to you in line at the post office! Confirming that YES that manuscript IS a book is such an amazing thing to claim!

    Good for you, my friend. It’s all happening perfectly.

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