September 11th. I can’t believe it has been seven years. Like my parent’s will always remember exactly where they were when Kennedy was assassinated, we will always remember where we were when the towers fell. I was in my car with my best friend, just pulling into the light rail station on our way down to school. I always think of her first thing on September 11th and I probably always will. Tragedies of such a grand scale are burned into our brains, hearts and souls forever.

It is still amazing to me how timing played such an important role in whether people lived or died on that day. The business man who was late to the office because it was his day to bring donuts…

We never know when our time is up, that’s why living in the present is so important. I have to remind myself of that everyday. DO the people I love know how I feel, is there any resentment in my heart, do I have any regrets today?

We may never have an answer to explain such unbearable pain and grief, but I think we are all stronger for having lived through it and remembering those who we lost.


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